Analysis Fee
XRD(X-Ray Diffractometer)
Sample Preparation 30 TL/piece
XRD and Qualitative Analysis 100 TL/piece
Particle Size Analysis
Wet Analysis 100 TL/piece
Dry Analysis 100 TL/piece
VSM(Low Temperature Magnetometer)
DC Resistance Temperature Change 100 TL/piece
DC Magnetization (or DC susceptibility) 100 TL/piece
DC Magnetization Change with Magnetic Field 100 TL/piece
AC Magnetic Susceptibility 125 TL/piece
Current Density (I-V) under magnetic field (for each 1 T ) 100 TL/piece
Thermal Conductivity (K-T) 100 TL/piece
Thermo-electric Power (S-T) 150 TL/piece
Figure of Merrit 150 TL/piece
Heat Capacity (C-T) 400 TL/piece
Hall Coefficient Measurements 400 TL/piece
DSC (Differential Scanning Calorimetry) Analysis
1 Hour 75 TL/piece
1-3 Hour 100 TL/piece
3-7 Hour 150 TL/piece
AC Magnetic Susceptibility 100 TL/piece
AC Transport Measurements(BSCOO-YBCO)
Liquid Nitrogen Production
More than 1000 Lt 
1000-500 Lt
500-100 Lt
Less than 100 Lt 
Heat Treatments
Muffule Furnace 200 TL/day
Horizontal Furnace 200 TL/day
Universal Furnace 200 TL/day
Vacuum Oven 200 TL/day
Arc Furnace 50 TL/piece
Ball Milling 20 TL/hour
The above prices are for university/government organizations, for other industrial organizations prices may be increased by 30%.