Research Projects

– 08B4240004 BAP PROJECT: “Multi-filament MgB2 Superconductor Production, Improvement and Physical Characterization of MgB2 Superconductor with Nano-Scale Doping Method”. 10.07.2008 – 14.07.2012.
– 2006.Ç0060 BOREN PROJECT: “Boron Based Alloys Production, Synthesis, Characterization and Technological Applications for Producting Permanent Magnet and Prototyping Cable”. 01.07.2006 – 30.11.2009.
– 109T106 TÜBİTAK PROJECT: “Production and Characterization of Nano-Scale SiC, C and Aromatic Hydrocarbon Doped Bulk, Wire and Tape MgB2 Superconductor ”.01.02.2010 – 01.09.2012.
– 2010K12052 MINISTRY OF DEVELOPMENT PROJECT: “Center of Excellence for Superconductivity Research”. 2010-….