The center (CESUR) has been officially approved in 14th June, 2012 and composes of four technical and four administrative divisions. The technical ones are Fundamental Superconductivity Research, Small-scale Applications, Large-scale Applications and Materials Development Units. Educational out-reach and Public Relations, Innovation, Financial Affairs and Workshop/Device Construction Units are administrative ones. The central laboratory building houses 8 different divisions to be specialized with state of the art facilities needed in relevant research directions.

A few workshops have been held to determine the vision, mission and roadmap of superconductivity in Turkey. An official report has been prepared with financial support of The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK). The first phase of the national project will come to an end this year, and preparations for the II. Phase of the project are now under progress in line with planned reforms of the research centers. The second phase of the project will have more emphasis on energy technology applications together with materials development for device applications.

In this targetable approach, an active research center in superconductivity can be a driving force in related research areas such as materials science, chemistry, electronics, electrical engineering, information technology, energy sector, renewable energy, transportation sector. Sustainability of the center will be realized through contribution of member institutions and by dynamic character of research activities both at national and international level (funding via projects).

A detailed roadmap of superconductivity together with a national program subject to approval, activities of participating research groups will be presented with international scientific collaboration opportunities.